Do you think your child could benefit from some extra help and support with their studies? If you are around Nairobi and its environs get in touch with Priority Home Based Tuition. We have dedicated and experienced teachers who provide individual attention and one-on-one approach to your child at the comfort of their homes. Private home tuition creates a stress free, one-on-one environment, free from interruptions and unwanted noise. It improves students self esteem and creates more confidence , allowing them to think more creatively.


With teachers experienced and highly trained in homeschooling support, designing learning programs and blending various educational systems experience into homeschooling Since 2015 Priority has consistently provided tuition for primary to secondary and also junior college students in Nairobi. We believe Home tuition is one of the most efficient ways to learn and improve grades for children who may be finding their schools work a little too challenging. We have dedicated and professional tutors who provide individual attention and one-on-one approach to your child at the comfort of their homes Our programs will improve not just the students' academic results but also their holistic development with guidance and assistance to students no matter thier weakness in core subjects and level of education. We are here to help your child reach their potential academic excellence.


We offer all subjects cutting across IGCSE, IB, GCSE, A-LEVEL, ACE, AMERICAN , SATs , KENYAN(KCPE, KCSE)

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Special Needs

Highly experienced special needs teachers and specialists working hand in hand with Kenya institute of special needs [KISE] and several international bodies in the forefront of offering comfortable learning programs at the comfort of the students home. our specialty in: learning disabilities (dyslexia, dycalculia, ADHD) Autism, Celebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, physical disabilities among others. With highly motivated sport and game tutors, our coaching is private at your own convinient. include coaching in swimming, group jogging, tennis, soccer among others.

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Games and
Sports Coaching

All our lessons are very popular so please book yours now and secure your peace of mind. Knowing that your child is going to be able to thrive under the auspices of a private, fully-qualified tutor relieves much stress and worry on your part and your child's. You can also be sure that fun and effective learning is going to take place rather than the half-hearted effort that school work done alone at home receives. Our friendly, supportive tutors make learning a breeze!

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Priority Home Based Tuition

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